Feeling The Pressure – Toyota Updates Its Top-Selling 2020 Tacoma Pickup Amid Increased Competition

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Toyota updates its Tacoma pickup in ways owners will appreciate for 2020. 

Toyota’s Tacoma is still ahead of the pack in the hot midsized truck segment. In fact, the Tacoma has lead the segment in sales now for thirteen years. That is an incredible run in the super-competitive auto industry. Much of the recent sales titles have had a lot to do with production capacity. The truth is, GM can’t match Toyota’s North American midsized truck capacity and Ford and Jeep were caught behind the curve and only recently jumped back into the mix. Still, Toyota isn’t taking any chances. Its Tacoma design has been falling behind in some easy-to-remedy ways and for the 2020 model year, Toyota is making some mid-design-cycle changes that will bring a smile to owners’ faces.

2020 Toyota Tacoma Infotainment

Toyota is a technology leader in almost every regard. That said, Toyota somehow managed to fall behind the competition with regard to infotainment. Toyota only recently added Apple CarPlay to any model, and none had both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. For 2020 the Tacoma has both, along with Alexa. Toyota’s Tacoma has a standard 7-inch screen, but most trims above the base SR have an 8-inch screen.

2020 Toyota Tacoma Seating

Over the years, the Tacoma has taken a lot of heat from reviewers about its seating position. Unlike many vehicles, the Tacoma’s seats are low to the floor and the position is unlike many of the trucks in the segment. In a 2015 review of the Tacoma, Consumer Reports wrote, “…small-truck buyers were left to choose between the aged Nissan Frontier and the rough-and-tumble ride of the Toyota Tacoma—akin to choosing between poison ivy and wasps on a 10-mile hike.” We never noticed the seats to be that bad, but even owners have expressed a desire for better seating. In 2020, Toyota responds by adding power seating to more models. That allows for some added adjustability. At the top-end of the line, the 2020 Tacoma SR5 grade is fitted with a 10-way power-adjustable driver’s seat with 2-way power lumbar support.

Camera Upgrades

Toyota is also making nips and tucks throughout the Tacoma for 2020. The Double Cab trucks get a new Panoramic View Monitor (PVM). There is also a new Multi-Terrain Monitor (MTM) for off-road trims.

Future Changes To Expect

Toyota has relied heavity on electronics to enable its Tacoma to do amazing things off-road. However, GM and Jeep now offer more robust off-road packages. We would look for locking front and rear differentials, rock rails behind the rear tires to protect the body/bed from damage, and for that big honking snorkel seen in our top of page image to be part of a standard TRP trim offering when the next Gen Tacoma is released. Don’t be surprised if a winch and light package is also part of the next Tacoma TRD Pro.

About Tacoma

The Tacoma comes in 32 variations. It is designed in Californa and built in Texas and Mexico alongside Toyota’s full-size Tundra. For the past few years, Toyota has maintained a monthly sales rate of between 15,000 and 20,000 Tacomas per month. That is about double what other competitors are able to deliver. GM, Ford, and Jeep have joined Toyota, Nissan, and Honda in the segment in recent years. None of the new trucks has put a dent in Toyota’s robust sales. Yet.