Fiat 124 Spider Gets Starring Role in Sting & Shaggy Video

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The Fiat 124 Spider gets its moment to shine in the latest music video from Sting and Shaggy. Gotta Get Back My Baby is the new single from the album 44/876 and the video takes its cues from the 1980s.

This is like an old-school story music video. You know the ones where the rock stars get to pretend they’re something else and test their acting chops. This one has our duo pretending to be cops and singing at the same time. Not only is the style of the video a bit of throwback, but so is the story.

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The two have a very Riggs and Murtaugh vibe from the old Lethal Weapon movies with Sting’s character finishing up his last day before retirement. Sound familiar? There’s also a bit of Miami Vice thrown in for good measure with the two heading down to South Beach to catch “the most dangerous woman in the world.” All that’s missing is a pastel blazer with the sleeves pushed up.

Of course, they can’t head to South Beach in a ratty old police car. That would be far too obvious. They need something to blend in with the masses and the perfect car is the Fiat 124 Spider.

This particular 124 Spider happens to belong to their chief. He doesn’t seem particularly happy about the idea of loaning it out to our wannabe Crockett and Tubbs, but he relents. Whatever it takes to catch the bad guys, right?

Much of the video has them driving around town not doing anything remotely resembling police work. But the car sure does look good. They do eventually make their way to the night club where the perp is supposed to be, but sit outside in the Spider chatting about how cool it is for awhile.

Meanwhile, the most dangerous woman in the world wanders right by and heads into the club to cause all sorts of trouble. This consists mostly of stealing people’s drinks and tossing men around like rag dolls. She then kicks one right through a cinder block wall.

This gets the attention of our cop rock stars, but it’s too late. She’s fooled them all and one guess what she decides to use as a getaway car.