DEBUT: Ford Adds STX Flair To The Super Duty

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2017 Super Duty STX

Truck buyers looking for some affordable extra sparkle might like Ford’s new STX trim package.

The STX name isn’t new. Those around in the ’80s remember it as a heavily-marketed option for the compact Ranger pickup. It was nothing if not a product of the current trends, with thick stripes, tubular roll bar and rear bumper and spiky-patterned aluminum wheels. No question, the STX meant sporty.


Now for 2017, STX remains a product of its market as it heads up the size scale to adorn the Super Duty as well as the lighter F-150.

The option package is expressed in two ways between the F-150 and Super Duty.

On the F-150, the STX skips the regular cab to be available only on the SuperCab or SuperCrew bodies. The 2017 STX SuperCab’s $35,615 price for 2017 is just a hair above the 2016 XLT SuperCab’s $34,790.

On the Super Duty, the STX package can be had in any body style.

The differences between them are apparent at first glance. The Super Duty STX in this post’s top image shows plenty of shininess around the bumper, grille and fenders, while the regular F-150 goes monochrome with black accents and bold STX lettering on the rear fenders.

2017 F-150 STX


The distribution of STX goodies reflects the general appeal of the F-150 and Super Duty. On the more consumer-level F-150, STX brings an eight-inch screen with Sync 3, privacy glass and fog lights. The brawnier Super Duty gets more fundamental equipment like steering-wheel mounted cruise controls and bright hub covers.

No doubt the STX will factor greatly into a Ford truck buyers’ decision-making. Both versions of the STX have a bold look, and they come with much of what each truck buyers would want. In the increasingly personalized world of full-sized trucks, the STX package is as well-positioned as ever.

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