Ford GT Supercar Gets Increased Production Run

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Here’s your chance to get your hands on the limited-run Ford GT supercar, assuming you have an extra $400,000 lying around to spend on a car. That’s what it’ll cost you to get behind the wheel of this incredibly popular and very limited-run supercar.

The Ford GT won the 24 hours of LeMans the year it was introduced and became an instant hit. With a 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine and a top speed of 216 mph, it’s the kind of car people dream of owning, but can rarely afford.

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It’s also the kind of car that isn’t likely your daily driver for the morning commute. This thing is better suited to the racetrack where it can truly show off its performance chops.

When it was first announced, Ford gave it a production run of only 1,000 units. You might think it’d be tough to sell that many of such an expensive car. Nope. Instead, when applications to buy the Ford GT opened, there were 6,500 people who put their names on the list.

It isn’t simply a matter of having the cash and being the first to get your name added to the queue. This is an exclusive car and Ford was quite persnickety about who was allowed to purchase one.

Part of the agreement included not turning right around and selling the car as soon as it arrive in your driveway. Much to Ford’s consternation, John Cena didn’t abide by this rule and Ford turned around and sued.

Assuming you have the cash and are willing to follow the rules, Ford is giving you a second chance to own the GT. Orders are opening again on November 8 in select markets around the world. This will bring the total production run up to 1,350 units.

Anyone who tried to get one during the initial run needs to confirm their old application if they still want to be considered. They will have 30 days to make the decision and let Ford know they still want the car.

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Although this is good news for those who didn’t make the first cut, it’s not good news for those who already had their order for the Ford GT accepted. Those folks are seeing their super-exclusive car become slightly less exclusive.

Still, at 1,350 units, it’s not exactly a mass produced car you’re going to see parked in everyone’s driveway.