Ford Launches Olympics Ads for the Expedition and EcoSport

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The Super Bowl is famous for its commercials, but it’s not the only game in town. The Olympics provide another opportunity for companies to make a big impression and that’s what Ford is banking on with its latest ad campaign. Both the 2018 Ford Expedition and 2018 Ford EcoSport will be the focus of a series of ads designed to tie-n with the Olympic experience.

We spoke with Lew Echlin of Ford US Marketing Communications about the decision to focus on the Olympics and specifically two of Ford’s SUVs. Echlin said the Olympics are a time when we all come together to get behind our athletes and root for a win. “We want to celebrate that togetherness,” he said.

Vehicles like the Expedition aren’t usually something you buy if it’s just going to be you without anyone along for the ride. Those who drive big SUVs are often acting as “the ultimate hosts,” according to Echlin, with a carload of people. “We picked the Olympics because it’s a big unifier for people,” said Echlin, much the way a big SUV brings people together.

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Where the Expedition is all about bringing people together, the EcoSport takes a different angle. This is an entirely new vehicle in the Ford lineup so Ford decided to focus on the excitement of new experiences.

They see two different type of buyers for this new subcompact SUV. It holds strong appeal for young adults who don’t yet need the room of larger vehicles and for Baby Boomers who maybe once drove an Expedition, but no longer need all that room.

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EcoSport ads will feature real people taking on new adventures. One spot features a woman who fulfills her lifelong dream of taking her mother on her first ever nighttime skiing experience.

Ford is also giving people the chance to make their first-ever dreams a reality. Customers can head to a and share something they’ve always wanted to do but never had the chance to try. Ford will make those first-ever wishes come true for a few lucky winners.

“There’s more humanity in our SUVs than the others,” said Echlin, and this ad campaign aims to prove it.