Ford Shows Off The Staggering Towing Capability Of Its Coming Electric F-150 Pickup

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The new pickup truck towing metric will be millions of pounds.

The new towing bar has been set by Ford’s electric F-150 pickup truck development mule. It pulled a million pounds this week.  Let’s think about that for a moment. One. Million. Pounds. So, it should be enough to tow a landscape trailer across town, or maybe a pair of Waverunners up to your cottage.

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The towing was of course just a short-run demonstration. Sort of like when Toyota’s gasoline-powered Tundra pulled the space shuttle. That was a measly 292,000 pounds. The fact of the matter is, that pickup trucks are crazy-capable and overbuilt for their daily tasks in an almost ridiculous way.

Ford’s chief engineer for the Ford F-150, Linda Zhang, drove the F-150 electric prototype. The truck was connected to ten double-decker freight cars with a combined weight of a million pounds.  The truck then pulled them 1,000 feet. Next, Ford loaded 42 F-150s into the freight cars and did it again. As impressive as the towing feat was, the tow strap is what really blows our mind. It doesn’t look that special, but it is obviously rated at over a million pounds. We’re guessing it didn’t come from the Harbor Freight catalog.

Ford’s monster truck pull is designed to show off its electric truck progress. Ford has been frantically trying to get its electric vehicle program restarted. There was a time when Ford’s electric Fusion was a top seller. No more. For the past two years, Ford has been out of the EV sales conversation entirely. Behind the scenes, Ford is working on a Mustang-inspired car, and is well on its way to having an electric pickup. It’s also hedging its bets. Ford has recently partnered with Rivian, who is starting to look a lot like the Android To Tesla’s iPhone. Ford is also partnering with Volkswagen on EVs. That is a partnership that is unrivaled in its possible scale in the automotive world.

We auto insiders also think Tesla’s Elon Musk may have helped to inspire this EV pickup publicity stunt. Back in the spring, Elon Musk trolled some Twitter users about how puny 12,000 pounds of towing capability is. We can tell you that 12,000 pounds is roughly equal to the weight of four Camrys. Not puny at all for a conventional pickup to be able to tow. But with Toyota having towed a space shuttle and now Ford over a million pounds don’t be surprised if you see a grappling hook-equipped Space-X rocket take off for the Moon with a tow strap attached to a Tesla pickup.  After a million pounds, what else is really impressive?