Ford Special Service Plug-In Hybrid: Not for Chasing Bad Guys

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Although we think of police cars as vehicles designed for high-speed driving when it comes time to chase down the bad guys, not every police car will be put in that situation. There are those whose work doesn’t involve high-speed chases. Ford is introducing the Special Service Plug-In Hybrid Sedan for those who don’t plan on chasing down speeding Lamborghinis.

This special hybrid police car is designed for non-pursuit use targeting folks like police chiefs and detectives. It has a 7.6-kWh lithium-ion battery and can reach a speed of 85 mph on battery power alone. There’s an an all-electric range of 21 miles with a combined gas and electric range of over 500 miles.

“This is the first Ford police vehicle that can potentially get through an entire shift using no gasoline whatsoever,” said Stephen Tyler, Ford police brand marketing manager. “Anyone can plug this in to any wall outlet to run gas- and emissions-free on battery-only operation.”

There’s a 3.3-kW onboard charger that will fully charge the car’s battery in 2.5 hours with a 240-volt level two charger. It can also be plugged into a regular 120-volt outlet, which is how Ford envisions most will charge their vehicles.

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There are unique features inside designed specifically to make law enforcement comfortable and safer. There are heavy-duty cloth front seats with reduced bolsters, rear anti-stab plates, and vinyl on the rear seats and floor. There’s a reinforced top tray for mounting equipment, metal console mounting plate, red and white task lighting in the overhead console, police engine-idle feature, unique alloy wheels, and an auxiliary power distribution box in the trunk. It might not be a pursuit vehicle, but this is still very much a police car.

It comes with options that you won’t find on your daily driver, too. Officers can get a driver spot lamp, trunk storage vault, trunk ventilation system, and rear door control-disabling. There’s a dark-car feature that turns off all interior lights and even dims the dashboard lights completely for surveillance. Multiple emergency lighting packages are also available.

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The Special Service Plug-In Hybrid Sedan is the third new police vehicle unveiled by Ford this year. It joins the Police Responder Hybrid Sedan and F-150 Police Responder. Expect to see your local law enforcement rolling the streets in the Special Service Plug-In Hybrid some time next summer.