Forget the Ice Scraper – Use Your Leaf Blower for Snow Removal

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Winter is here and so are the days of scraping snow from you car before you can get anywhere. It’s a tiresome chore that leaves you with numb fingers and snow-covered clothes no matter how hard you try to stay dry. Next time, instead of using a crummy scraper, how about using your leaf blower?

It’s probably already tucked way in to the back of the garage at this point, but you may want to dig it out the next time is snows. That’s exactly what one guy did when faced with the tiresome chore of scraping away all that pesky snow.

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According to Viral Hog, this wondrous idea comes from some clever guy in Kingston, Illinois. “I woke up in the morning to go to the store and saw a bunch of snow on my car. I then saw my leaf blower and decided to start it up and used it to clear the snow. In the end worked out better than scraping it off.”

It works surprisingly well at getting rid of the snow and, for you snow experts out there, it’s a decent layer of the stuff. This isn’t just a light fluff that you could fling away with the windshield wipers. It’s got some substance.

This nifty trick could save you some time when you’re running late for work and it will keep you from having frozen fingers, too. Unfortunately, it’s not a hack you can really use anywhere except your own driveway.

We have so many questions about how well this works.

What’s the maximum snow depth at which the typical leaf blower will easily clear your car of snow? How well does it work if the snow is heavy and wet? Does a windy day simply turn the process into a swirling hurricane of snowflakes? How much does the power of your leaf blower matter for effective snow removal?

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There’s plenty of winter coming over the next few months and there’s a better than even chance we’ll give this a try and perhaps answer some of these questions. We just hope the neighbors don’t think we’ve completely lost our minds.

What’s your best hack for keeping your car snow-free in the winter?