FYI: You Cannot Use a Case of Beer as a Booster Seat

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There’s a lot of stuff you need to buy when you have a kid. It starts before the child is born and pretty much never ends and it’s expensive. While you might be able to save a few cents by going with generic diapers and formula, you simply cannot skimp when it comes to safety. That’s why the police frown on trying to use a case of beer as a booster seat.

Every parent struggles with safely securing their kid in a car. First, there’s the baby carrier, which new parents will perpetually think isn’t installed correctly. Once they outgrow the baby carrier, it’s time to move up to a booster seat.

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This requires another cash outlay and another learning curve as you try to master the are of securing a flailing toddler. Have fun with that one. Finally, when the end of car seats is in sight, there’s the booster.

This is the easiest phase of car seat mastery since it’s quite simply a booster that lifts your kid up so the seat belt and the edge of the seat cushion all line up correctly. It’s easy.

And yet, sometimes it’s still a nuisance. If you have multiple people driving your kid around town, then they need to either take your booster with them when they take your kid or they need their own booster seat. The temptation to not use one, especially as your child gets older, is strong.

Don’t give in to this temptation! It’s not safe to have your child ride in a car without the correct car seat installed and it’s not legal. Also, don’t attempt to fudge things by using a 30-pack of beer as a booster.

A 22-year-old in Canada thought a case of beer was a fine substitute for a booster seat. The police did not agree. When they discovered the improperly secured child, they pulled over the driver.

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The kid was fine, but the driver was charged with failing to ensure a toddler is properly secured. A booster seat was then delivered to the location by the authorities.

The law varies from state to state as to what is required to secure a child in a car so it’s best to check on your state’s laws to be sure you’re in the clear. If in doubt, reach out to the police department for clarification. It feels like a hassle doing the car seat shuffle, but messing with your kid’s safety in a car is never an option.