GM sells more trucks than Ford

SALES: U.S. GM Trucks Blow Past Ford

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GM sells more trucks than Ford GM is the new leader in U.S. market truck sales and it isn’t just the new Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon that is the reason.  Ford’s audacious move to built its F-150 with a significant amount of aluminum coupled with aggressive pricing by GM has pushed the combined sales of the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra full sized pickups past Ford in June.  The GM trucks are also now ahead in year-to-date total sales.

Ford may wish to blame the situation on its production challenges due to the switch to aluminum, but the fact is that Ford’s year to date truck sales are only down about two percent.  GM is beating Ford by growing its sales robustly. F-150 Lariat 2016 GM is not only beating Ford on head-to-head full-size pickup sales, it is also beating Ford on sales of an important type of truck Ford has been caught completely flat-footed on.  GM wisely returned to the rapidly-expanding mid-size truck market this year with its renewed Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon.  Combined, the trucks have contributed 57,000 units so far this year to GM’s truck sales.  Ford has no mid-sized truck for sale in the US. Colorado GearOn red Here are the numbers in raw form:

June Sales & Year To Date

Chevy Silverado   51,548  /  275,822

GMC Sierra  18,618  /  100,850

Combined GM Full Size Trucks Year to Date   376,672

Ford F-150  55,171  /  357,180