Genesis Releases First Images of GV80 SUV

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The Genesis luxury brand has only been around for a few years and there are still plenty of people who don’t even know it exists. This is a shame because Genesis provides luxury vehicles on par with more well-known brands, but with a smaller price tag. Its latest offering is the GV80, which is its first SUV.

The GV80 joins the G70, G80, and G90 as the fourth vehicle in the Genesis lineup. It’s a three-row SUV based on a rear-wheel drive platform, but don’t worry if you live where it snows. All-wheel drive will be optional for the GV80.

Rather than revealing the vehicle all at once along with all the relevant details, Genesis is teasing the GV80 a little bit at at time. What we have right now are only images. It also explained the “V” in the name stands for versatility, something that’s a priority for many SUV buyers.

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It looks much like the concept that was revealed over two years ago with the signature Genesis crest grille. It also gets a headlight design similar to what’s found on the Genesis G90.

There’s one image of the interior, which shows an uncluttered dashboard with a single vent running along its length and a wide, low infotainment screen mounted toward the driver. There are plenty of wood accents on the center console and quilted leather seats exactly as you’d expect to find in a luxury SUV. What’s a bit different is the steering wheel. Instead of the typical multi-spoke design it features one single bar across the center.

Look for information on powertrains, options, and pricing closer to the on-sale date. The Genesis GV80 is set to launch globally in 2020 starting with sales in South Korea this month.