Gizmos and Gadgets: New Auto Tech We’re Excited About

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Every year, new gizmos and gadgets are revealed that get many people excited. We are slowly but surely making our way to the future that was envisioned in books, movies, and TV shows. With many new technologies underway, the automotive world is not left out of these advancements. Here is some new auto tech that we are excited about!

The Spotify Car Thing

Spotify Car Thing
Spotify Car Thing/Image Credit: Spotify

Car Thing is like a tuner with touchscreen functionality, but it is just the various tracks, podcasts, albums, or playlists in the Spotify library that Car Thing helps the driver tune in. In addition to being able to dictate by tapping the screen or using voice commands, Car Thing has a large physical dial. Spotify said Car Thing “is not intended to collide with the car infotainment system.” It can complement the system your vehicle already has, or it can provide a way for older cars to listen to Spotify and add more hi-tech tools. This device also comes with a variety of attachments for mounting on the dashboard.

Bosch Virtual Visor

Bosch Virtual Visor
Bosch Virtual Visor/Image Credit: Bosch

The Bosch Virtual Visor features a transparent LCD screen combined with an RGB camera used to track the sun shining on the driver’s face. The system uses artificial intelligence to identify facial features (eyes, mouth, nose, etc.) and track shadows moving across the driver’s face. Next, it uses a patented algorithm to figure out where the driver’s eyes are, and selectively blocks and unblocks (darkens) the virtual visor section in real time to prevent blindness. What are the main benefits? Since 90% of visors are always transparent, drivers can look out much more effectively than with a conventional cloth-covered visor.

Continental Speakerless Audio System

Continental Speakerless Audio System
Continental Speakerless Audio System/Image Credit: Continental

Continental’s Ac2uated Sound uses special actuators to vibrate internal components such as dashboards, A-pillars, door panels, and even automobile headliners to produce sound. The resulting effect is an amazing surround sound experience, and Continental states that without existing speakers, it will help reduce the overall weight of the vehicle. They have even teamed up with German audio company, Sennheiser.

Toll Tags for Gas and Parking

Woman Filling Up Her Car With Gasoline
Woman Filling Up Her Car With Gasoline/Image Credit: Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Gentex is working with PayByCar to enable contactless payments for products or services such as gas and parking lots. Approaching a participating gas station, this device identifies your car, and your phone prompts you for the grade of gas you want to pump. The system approves the pump and automatically charges the desired payment method. It works in a similar manner in parking garages where you will no longer need to grab a ticket and pay before leaving.

Panasonic Head-Up Display

Panasonic Head-Up Display
Panasonic Head-Up Display/Image Credit: Panasonic

The Panasonic Head-Up Display Technology is another great addition to futuristic automotive technology to be launched in the coming years. Thanks to artificial intelligence and augmented reality, the company is adding more information to the windshield to provide a video game-like experience. This state-of-the-art HUD provides guidance routes for navigation, cyclist detection, speed, underpass measurements, and road speed limits. Meaning you can always view this information keeping your eyes on the road.

In an age of constant innovation, new auto tech is never far behind. Gizmos and gadgets that improve the quality of life for consumers are being produced yearly. We’re excited for what’s already in the pipeline, but we can’t wait to see what’s in store for all of us in the future! Be sure to keep an eye out. You might just find something you didn’t even know you wanted or needed!

Adrien Perucho

Adrien Perucho

Born in the Philippines and moving to Massachusetts at the young age of 8 years old, Adrien has gathered a multitude of life experiences from which to draw inspiration. In 2020, he graduated from Arizona State University’s Digital Culture program and found work in automotive marketing later that year. One day his talents will afford him the luxury of driving a new Porsche 911.