GM Dealer Throws Recall Pizza Party, Because Pizza Makes Everything Better

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General Motors

General Motors is clearly hurting in the recall department with numbers that truly boggle the mind this year. As difficult as it has been for GM to handle the situation, owners of GM cars involved in the recalls are the ones who are paying the price.

They’re all stuck finding time in their busy days to hang out while their cars are fixed. There’s never really a good time to sit around getting your car repaired, no matter if it’s a recall or other work, and when the appointment rolls around it never works out the way you expect. It takes longer than anyone thinks and is generally a source of major frustration.

One industrious dealership feels your pain, and they’ve come up with a solution that’s sure to make you, and your inner 12-year-old, very happy. Pizza party!


That’s right, folks, if you happen to live near Sunrise Chevrolet in Glendale Heights, Illinois, then you can enjoy some hot, fresh, hopefully pepperoni-covered pizza while you wait for your recall repair. This all happens during special extended service hours today from 6pm to 10pm where they’ll be open late just to handle outstanding recall issues.

You do have to make an appointment so you better get on the ball and call them if you’re thinking of taking advantage of this offer. It’s silly, but it’s also kind of a fun way to turn lemons into lemonade. Heck, bring the kids and some balloons (or do they have those already) and you can make the whole thing a real party.

Sadly, this is just a one day thing, so there will be no opportunity for a road trip just to get free pizza. Hey, we’ve all driven out of our way for free stuff so don’t tell me the thought didn’t cross your mind. In fact, as silly as this whole idea is, it’s really a darn good one, too.

Given a choice between going to a dealership where they only have stale coffee and that one lonely donut that no one wanted, or the dealership with pizza, then the pizza dealership is the clear winner. There’s a golden opportunity here for a pizza-car partnership that would have everyone putting scheduled maintenance at the top of their lists instead of somewhere buried down past going to the dentist for a root canal.