Guy Turns Old Car into Pizza Oven. Who’s Hungry?

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Image: DesignBoom

There are lots of ways to get rid of your old car when it’s done with this world. You can trade it for a new one, sell it, or junk it if it’s well and truly done. But have you considered turning your old beater into a pizza oven?

It’s the brilliant or possibly brilliantly crazy idea of French artist Benedetto Bufalino and this isn’t his first foray into quirky artwork. He’s in the habit of turning ordinary objects into the unexpected.

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Previously, Bufalino has turned upside-down cars into ping pong tables, and telephone booths into aquariums. Hey, that’s a better idea than leaving them sitting at the sides of rest stops and convenience stores as empty relics of a time when you needed a dime to make a phone call.

This time, Bufalino used his talents to transform an old Ford Mondeo. He completely converted the car into a wood-burning pizza oven that would make having this eyesore parked in your backyard worth it. The whole thing was a part of a project with 2angles, a French cultural art association.

He didn’t just throw some wood in the back, put a pizza stone in there, and call it done. This isn’t a single-use pizza oven that will burn up the car by the time you finish your first pie. It’s designed to be able to make many tasty pizzas.

The windows were all cut out and replaced with metal panels. The metal panels now serve as makeshift doors, flipping down to access the interior. There aren’t any seats in there or any other unnecessary bits. No one is going to be driving this anymore, so who needs a steering wheel?

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Instead there’s a brick shelf just that runs the whole length of the car serving as the platform for all that delicious pizza baking. There are great photos of the process over at DesignBoom, just in case you’re thinking of turning your old car into a pizza oven.