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Jay “The Caring Car Guy” Rustenholtz, who works at Seelye Kia of Kalamazoo, delivers a new Kia to a customer.

Did you know that 88% of car buyers said online reviews helped them choose a dealership? In fact, you likely read reviews too before visiting your nearest dealership. You can help other car buyers by writing a review about your experience – – especially when it’s good – – to let others know the dealership and employees care for their customers.

Take Seelye Kia of Kalamazoo’s Jay “The Caring Car Guy” Rustenholtz, for example. Happy customers have written over 100 reviews on Google and Facebook just about Jay and his great service. These reviews give other shoppers the opportunity to know what to expect when working with him or the dealership.

“Jay was very helpful in both of our car purchases. He went above and beyond to make sure we were happy with our vehicles during and after the purchase date,” said Stephanie Wagner in a recent review. “I would recommend Jay to anyone who is looking for a new car… The whole experience was excellent. We were treated very well at Seelye (Auto Group). They were very patient in answering our questions and helped us find the best deal for our needs.”

Jay “The Caring Car Guy” Rustenholtz, who works at Seelye Kia of Kalamazoo, takes selfies with every customer he delivers a vehicle to.

Chip Diggs, the director of internet sales and marketing for Seelye Auto Group in Kalamazoo, Michigan, attributes the success of the dealership group to their amazing customer service that customers have written extensively about online. Seelye Ford of Kalamazoo has over 2,500 reviews on Google alone, which is where many car buyers begin their search for a dealership.

“When they (customers) see how many reviews we have, it lends credence to who we are,” Diggs said.

So, when a dealer asks you to write a review after buying a car or getting your vehicle serviced, think about it as an opportunity to not only provide feedback to the dealership but to help fellow consumers who are about to make a really big purchase.

If you didn’t have the best experience, let the dealership know as well. Reputable dealers will want to know about any problems and get them fixed right away. How a business responds to a negative review, and the timeliness of fixing the problem also indicates the level of professionalism and customer service a dealership offers.

Diggs acknowledges that not every review can be 5 stars and said, “There’s an opportunity to show customers that we’re human and make mistakes and own up to them in a public forum.”

Customers are taking more time to research dealerships and are finding review sites and social media are beneficial. In Digital Air Strike’s 8th annual Automotive Digital Retailing Consumer trends study, 93% of sales customers, and 74% of service customers, spend a few days or more researching a dealership. The study also found that Google is the top review site customers visit when researching a car purchase. Other key platforms consumers can leave reviews on include Facebook, Yelp,, Dealer Rater, and Car Gurus.

Just like when you want to visit a new restaurant or try out a new product, you likely want to know what others think first. Reviews for dealerships fit that mold as well.

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Hayley Ringle

Hayley Ringle

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