Here’s what a Volvo will Cost in “2015.5”

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Volvo is insisting on calling its 2015 model year vehicles 2015.5. Today, it announced pricing on vehicles that the rest of us will call “2015.”

Prices range from $33,750 for the S60 T5 Drive-E FWD, up to $46,650 for the XC60 T6 R-Design AWD. With only $13,000 separating the bottom from the top-of-the-line, you have to wonder when Volvo is going to try and cover a greater breadth of the market.

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Volvo MY 2015.5 Pricing

Model                                                                 MSRP

S60 T5 Drive-E FWD                                     $33,750

S60 T5 AWD                                                    $35,250

S60 T6 Drive-E FWD                                     $39,000

S60 T6 R-Design AWD                                  $43,550

V60 T5 Drive-E FWD                                     $35,750

V60 T5 AWD                                                    $37,250

V60 T6 R-Design AWD                                  $45,150

S80 T5 T5 Drive-E FWD                                $41,450

 S80 T6 AWD                                                    $44,850

XC70 T5 Drive-E FWD                                    $35,850

XC70 3.2 AWD                                                 $37,350

XC70 T6 AWD                                              $41,800

XC60 T5 Drive-E FWD                                 $36,200

XC60 T5 AWD                                              $37,700

XC60 T6 Drive-E FWD                                 $40,900

XC60 T6 AWD                                              $42,400

XC60 T6 R-Design AWD                              $46,650

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