Holland & Holland Range Rover

The Most Expensive Range Rover You Can Buy Comes With a Custom Gun Box

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Holland & Holland Range Rover

There are certain things one looks for in a luxury automobile. You likely want embroidered leather seats softer than a baby’s butt, a sound system powerful enough to cause permanent hearing damage, and hand stitching done by an artisan in a small village in Europe. What you don’t generally look for is a leather-lined gun box, but just in case, Range Rover has got you covered.

Range Rover is definitely the SUV for those who are more discerning and have deep, deep pockets, even though the Evoque gives the common man a chance at owning one. This one, however, is only for those with serious cash to burn as well as a desire for a safe way to transport their guns.

The Holland & Holland Range Rover is the most expensive Range Rover ever and is aimed squarely at the wealthy sportsman who has hunting on his list of weekend activities. It’s based on the Range Rover Autobiography Black and was designed by Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations with only 40 of these set to be made over a three year period.

Holland and Holland Range Rover Seats

It will have all the capability one expects of the brand and a choice of either a 4.4-liter V8 turbodiesel or 5.0-liter supercharged V8 engine and special exterior badges so friends will know that your Range Rover is simply a bit more special. The interior is where things go really off the charts.

This Range Rover is finished with tan and espresso leather featuring Holland & Holland embroidery accented with sustainably-sourced French walnut veneer polished to look like oil-finished gunstocks. The wood is all from one single piece of walnut so that it will perfectly match across the entire interior. All this pales in the face of the custom gun box located in the trunk.

Holland and Holland Range Rover

The gun box is a leather-trimmed aluminum cabinet that can be fitted to perfectly hold your Holland & Hollands and sits on a deployable floor made of aluminium and carbon fiber finished with leather and wood veneer. That sliding floor is even load-bearing so you can pull it out and take a seat to clear the mud from your fancy hunting boots.

You can own this Range Rover for a cool $285,000 and be the envy of everyone in your hunting party. Or you can choose to keep a roof over your head and feed your family. It’s your call.