Honda Made a Type R Lawnmower, Because Why Not?

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Those who are fans of Honda and in particular very fast Hondas are familiar with the Type R badge. It’s reserved for cars with a little something extra for those of us who love to drive. The Honda Civic Type R only just made its way to the U.S. and now Honda is doing one better. No, not the Accord or Odyssey – although we triple dog dare them to build an Odyssey Type R. Instead, they’ve given us an autonomous lawn mower called the Miimo Type R.

The Honda Miimo debuted in the US earlier this year and we even had the opportunity to check out this little autonomous wonder. The Miimo is a battery-powered robot that works using sensors to know when it’s time to mow your lawn.

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Once it’s set up, Miimo rolls out when it’s time to mow and rolls back to its charging station when it’s done. Pricing on the Miimo runs from $2,499 to $2,799 so it’s not the cheapest mower, but who doesn’t want a mower that does the lawn while you kick back and sip a drink?

The Honda Miimo Type R celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Type R badge. Honda included its motorcycle division in the festivities, creating a Miimo Fireblade to mark 25 years of that brand, too. In addition to being incredibly cool because these things will mow your lawn for you, these special Miimos look as cool as their namesakes.

The Miimo Type R comes in Championship With with a “Red H” Honda badge front and back. It also has a black and white spoiler, black bumpers, and a prominent Type R logo on each side. The Fireblade version gets a red, white, and blue color scheme and the HRC (Honda Racing Corporation) logo. These aren’t wraps, but rather custom paint jobs because the shape of the Miimo has so many curves.

According to Honda, the biggest trick was sculpting the Type R’s spoiler. It’s made of a high density foam board and then wrapped in a carbon fiber vinyl. They even gave the Type R working LED head and taillights that use 40 USB power banks. The finishing touch comes from 32mm and 25mm stainless steel exhaust pipes that replicate the car’s exhaust system.

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These are working prototypes, but there’s no word on whether they’ll actually build them for the public. We think they should, just so the guy who buys a Civic Type R can have a matching lawnmower the way guys who buy Ferraris get matching watches. Also, selling these would open up the possibility that someone might tinker with the engine and give us some rather impressive 0-60 mph times worthy of the Type R badge.