How About a Lexus Customized to Your DNA with 23andMe?

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One of the fun parts of buying a car is picking out the options. This lets you make the car more uniquely yours and, if you’re ambitious, you can get aftermarket accessories that ensure no one else will have exactly what you’re driving. Lexus goes one step further with a car tailored to your DNA.

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You can have your DNA tested with 23andMe to figure out if Great Aunt Suzie was right about your uncle who was a Scottish highlander, and now you can also use the same service to make the perfect Lexus. They’re calling it Genetic Select.

You don’t even have to pick the car you want customized because Genetic Select figures it all out down to the smallest detail. If you have freckles, for example, you get tinted windows. Genetic Select determines the color, trim, horsepower, seating and even radio presets with 99.99967 percent accuracy. We can’t even figure out what we want for radio presets, so that’s pretty impressive.

“Lexus has always obsessed over crafting an individual experience for customers, both in selecting their vehicle, as well as in the ownership process,” said Cooper Ericksen, Lexus vice president of marketing. “Exceeding customers’ expectations is in the Lexus DNA. Now, we’re taking it to the next level by tapping into our customers’ DNA, too.”

Looking for a new or used Lexus? Check out BestRide’s listings search here.

All you need to do to get your genetically matched car is make an appointment that takes about 10 minutes. You’ll spit in a tube and Lexus will send off your sample for analysis. No more having to obsess over which car to buy or whether option package A or B is the right one for you. Genetic Select does all the work.

In just 48 hours, your perfect handmade Lexus will arrive in your driveway. An added bonus is that you don’t even need a key. They have your DNA, so instead of fumbling with a key fob, the ignition system is saliva-powered. You simply lick and go.

Genetic Select will be available at Lexus dealerships beginning on April 1st. Yes, that’s right, take a good look at the calendar, folks. You can still go buy yourself a new Lexus, but you’ll have to do it the good old fashioned way and figure out which one is right for you all on your own.