Hummer is Coming Back as an Electric Pickup Truck

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(Photo: Flickr)

Hummer is coming back, but it isn’t going to be the Hummer you remember. The brand was known for building huge vehicles that guzzled gas. That sort of thing won’t work in today’s market, so General Motors is bringing back Hummer as an electric pickup truck.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Hummer is being revived, but not as its own standalone brand. This Hummer will be a single vehicle that’s a part of the GMC brand of upscale trucks and SUVs. Don’t be expecting a full range of Hummers anytime soon.

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The truck is expected to make its debut in 2022, but the first teasers will com much sooner. A commercial during this year’s Super Bowl will show off the new Hummer pickup with some help from basketball player LeBron James.

Hummer disappeared from the automotive landscape back in 2010 during GM’s bankruptcy. GM made efforts to keep the brand alive and at one point announced that it had sold Hummer, but that sale never materialized.

Even when Hummer was still producing vehicles, it was a controversial brand. Some people loved it for its bold, over-the-top attitude, but others were critical of its gas-guzzling nature. Bringing back a brand that was so heavily criticized for fuel economy as an electric pickup is a nice turn in the Hummer story.

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GM has no plans to make the Hummer a stand-alone brand this time. It’s currently set to be only an electric pickup within the GMC lineup. This small-volume pickup will take a rugged approach that will appeal to off-road enthusiasts. It will be the first of a growing number of electric SUVs and pickups launched by GM in the coming years.