“Hybrid” Mustang Boasts 2,500 Horsepower

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Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 8.26.19 AMYou have got to see (and hear) this video of a hybrid (not the conventional hybrid) 1967 Ford Mustang, jokingly named “Helleanor.” While the owner has taken great strides to maintain a factory exterior appearance, the drive-line has suffered from no such disease (Forditus). It is heartwarming to see that even a Ford Mustang owner like Corey Peters can have an epiphany of such monumental proportions that they realize only a GM power plant will suffice. Oh, how much more competitive and interesting the world of racing would be if Ford owners all over the world would follow this guy’s example and junk the blue motors. They simply cannot compete with Chevrolet innovation and technology.

Now that we know what engine is not under the hood, allow me to tell you a little about the Chevrolet small block V8 that produces the 2,500 horsepower required to lay down an eighth-mile time in the low four-second neighborhood (7-second quarter-mile) at a speed of over one-hundred-and-fifty-miles-per-hour.

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At the heart of the matter is a custom-bored 6.4-liter (388 C.I.D.) small block Chevrolet mill that has been bastardized to such a degree that it not only fits under the hood of the ’67 ‘Stang but it also accommodates twin turbochargers (and all which that entails). The specially designed exhaust system takes a decidedly forward direction in order to reach the 82-millimeter Precision twin-turbos, which are mounted in a prominent position sufficiently forward of the engine. The turbochargers are capable of creating up to 35 psi of boost, forcing air from spent exhaust gases into the engine and seriously impacting output at the rear wheels.

Exterior sheet metal is virtually stock in appearance (although the rear tires are tubbed) with the exception of an enormous hood scoop. The car maintains the classic styling of the 1967 Mustang and is theoretically street legal.

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By the way: the views and opinions of this writer do not reflect the opinions of this website and should probably be considered as rhetoric. In other words; just kidding about the Ford engines.

S.M. Darby

S.M. Darby

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