2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia and Other Surprises At the New England International Auto Show

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The Chrysler Pacifica and Lincoln Continental wowed us, but the Alfa Romeo Giulia stole our hearts.

giulia 9 10 my pic

At this week’s New England International Auto Show in Boston Massachusetts, one can see some of the most important new vehicles and technology the automotive world has to offer.  The all-new Chrysler Pacifica came out of nowhere to give Chrysler a very good chance at regaining its leadership position in the minivan market.  Lincoln’s Continental is a vehicle that has that special something.  However, it was a quiet little Alfa Romeo display conveniently tucked in between the these two important new vehicles that made our hearts pound.  In person, the Alfa Romeo Giulia is so much better looking than images convey that it is hard to explain.  Yes, if you squint you can see a BMW 3-Series, but open your eyes and get close to this compact sports sedan and you notice just how different it is.  The lines and its stance convey quality, Italian style, and seriousness.

Giulia seat backs my pic

Inside, the use of carbon fiber (real carbon fiber) is the best we have seen.  The entire seat-backs of the Giulia are made of the high-strength- low weight stuff.  The brakes are also non-metallic and the rotors painted with the loving care that only a European automaker can offer.

giulia wheels brakes my pic

Another thing that occurred to us as we compared notes after the show, was that three of the BestRide team’s favorite cars all have names, not some ridiculous number scheme.  Say the name Giulia  with me “Julia.”  Actually it’s Giulia Quadrifoglio if you want to give that a shot.  How much nicer is it to say “Giulia” than “0ICU8B4” or some such alpha-numerical geek-speak.

giulia dash pedals

One last thing.  Count the pedals on the floor and then perform your happy-dance!

The Boston Auto Show has already opened to the public. For show details click here.