Active Lifestyle Vehicle Awards Announced

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Image: Mark Elias Media Services
Image: Mark Elias Media Services

Winners of the 13th annual Active Lifestyle Vehicle Awards were announced this weekend in Chandler, Arizona. They covered a range of categories including value, off-road capability, and on-road performance. Jurors were selected from members of the automotive media, along with athletes who spent two days driving eligible vehicles on-road and across the Arizona desert.

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The competition is unique in that it brings together professional automotive journalists and athletes like former Arizona Cardinals football players. There were also many local athletes ranging from bicyclists to runners to weightlifters. All were invited to spend a few days in Arizona to drive the cars automakers design to do the job of accommodating active lifestyles.

The vehicles were as diverse as the jurors, demonstrating that an active lifestyle isn’t something easily defined. Even if you aren’t a professional football player, you may still need a vehicle capable of handling the rigors of a weekend outdoors. That could mean loading up bikes or kayaks or simply filling the trunk full of camping equipment for the family.

Image: Mark Elias Media Services
Image: Mark Elias Media Services

The off-road driving portion of the event gave jurors the chance to put the most extreme and capable vehicles to the test. Not everyone needs to take their vehicle off-road, but if it’s what your sport requires or is simply how you like to spend your free time, then there were vehicles in the running up to the task.

Awards were given in eight different categories and included entrants ranging from large SUVs and trucks to sedans and compact hatchbacks. The competition was tight, with some category winners only coming out ahead by a tenth of a point.

This year’s winners of the Active Lifestyle Vehicle Awards:

  • Best Value Family: Ford Explorer
  • Best Value Off-Road: Ram Rebel
  • Best Value On-Road: Volkswagen Golf
  • Extreme Off-Road: Nissan Titan
  • Green: Jeep Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel
  • Luxury Family: Nissan Armada
  • Luxury On-Road: Kia Cadenza
  • Urban: Kia Soul
Image: Mark Elias Media Services
Image: Mark Elias Media Services

Whether you live in the city and need a smaller vehicle, want the capability of a full-size truck, or crave a luxurious family hauler, these vehicles are all fine choices for those who live an active lifestyle.