CONCEPTS: VW BUDD-e Wins “2016 Concept Truck Of The Year”

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This award for the BUDD-e has us taking a second look at this remarkable concept from VW.

This new plaudit for the BUDD-e comes from the 15th Annual North American Concept Vehicle of the Year Awards, and the award was bestowed at the Concours d’Elegance of America in Plymouth, Michigan on July 31.

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Dr. Hendrik Muth, Director of Product Marketing, Volkswagen of America, Inc., accepted the award, and this shot of Muth and the award-winner seems to show the more sinister side of the BUDD-e’s look.

It’s good news for a company that is wading through a constant stream of bad news around its TDI diesel-emissions scandal. And what better way to de-emphasize the diesel and focus on electricity?

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“We are thrilled that the BUDD-e has been honored as 2016 Concept Truck of the Year and would like to thank the panel of judges for recognizing Volkswagen’s innovation,” Muth said. “We are determined to lead the future of automotive design, and BUDD-e shows the capabilities of our all-new electric vehicle architecture and further advances connectivity and infotainment.”


So let’s revisit why the BUDD-e is so interesting.

It’s the first VW based on the Modular Electric Toolkit (MEB), and its projected 233-mile range points to where Volkswagen thinks they’ll be on the electric-car technology curve. And, the BUDD-e’s charging time of 80% capacity within 30 minutes would bring electric-car usability to a new level.


The BUDD-e looks big, but its 181-inch overall length is shorter than a Corolla’s.


We like the unique C-pillar treatment – it stands out while being well-integrated.


Inside, VW says the BUDD-e is “clean and intuitive.”


The floating instrument panel accommodates the three modes of use VW sees for the BUDD-e: Drive, Control and Consume. The latter is what you’d think it’d be, encompassing Audio, Messages, Calendar and Weather, and maybe VW will come up with a more savory name for that function when the BUDD-e is closer to production.


The interior reflects the more casual atmosphere of tomorrow’s more automated cars, and as forward-thinking as it is…


…we can’t help but be reminded of the very similar Ford Aurora II Country Squire wagon concept…


with its remarkably similar interior layout. The more things change…


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