Buy One Bugatti Chiron or Whole Fleets of These Cars

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The Bugatti Chiron reviews are in from those fortunate enough to attend the uber-swank first drive. It should surprise no one that journalists are waxing poetic over the Chiron’s power and elegance and beauty and attention to detail. You’d expect nothing less from a car that costs $2,700,000. Yeah, that’s a bit more than most of us can afford.

It’s a fantasy trip imagining that you could afford this wonder of automotive design. This beast has 1,500 horsepower and a top speed of at least 260 mph, although they’re not certain exactly how fast it will go. It’s a dream car, but if you had $2.7 million to spend, is it what you’d do with your cash?

If you’re absolutely filthy rich, then it won’t matter. You might choose to buy the Chiron on your way to the airport to catch a ride in your personal jet for a lovely cruise on your private yacht. But, for the rest of us, $2.7 million s a mindboggling amount of money to spend on a car. You could buy a lot of other cars for far less. In fact, you could buy a rather large fleet of other cars with that kind of dough.

Here is what you could buy with $2.7 million instead of buying one, lonely, Bugatti Chiron.

8 Rolls-Royce Ghosts, with $25K for a chauffer to drive you and Buffy to the country club.

17 Acura NSXs with $48K leftover to pay for all the tickets you’ll get.

36 Dodge Challenger Hellcats, fully loaded with $18K in spare change for all the tires you’ll destroy.

52 Ram Power Wagons so you can go wherever the heck you please.

57 Ford Expeditions for planning the ultimate family road trip for you and everyone you know

94 Chrysler Pacificas so you can swap them out every time the kids ruin the seats.

108 Mazda Miatas, because who doesn’t love a convertible?

109 Toyota Prius’ and the knowledge that you are single-handedly saving the planet.