VIDEO: Chevrolet Silverado Throws Stones at Ford F-150

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Silverado Versus F-150

When Ford brought out the latest generation of the F-150 it made big news for its use of aluminum. Trucks need to be tough and aluminum is for stuff like cans that you can squish under the heel of your shoe. People were doubtful.

Ford, of course, said otherwise. They insisted their aluminum composites were just as strong as the heavier steels used in prior generations of their trucks and in the trucks built by the other guys.

A big concern about using aluminum is how well it will hold up to heavy use. Trucks are for work and the bed has to be able to take a beating.

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Chevrolet performed a few comparison tests to see how the bed of its Silverado compares to the bed of the F-150. They started by putting the trucks side-by-side and dumping a load of landscape bricks into the beds.

Ford Rock Puncture

A total of 55 bricks weighing roughly 825 pounds were dumped from five feet in the air into each truck bed and then removed to see the results. Things did not go well for Ford.

You see damage in both trucks, so the Silverado does not emerge unscathed, but it does have far less damage. There are lots of dents and dings in both, but Ford suffers punctures right through the bed.

You might be thinking that doing anything close to this in the real world is asking for trouble so it’s not a realistic test. Chevrolet addresses this with a second test that mimics the¬†kind of thing that could easily happen to real truck owners.

Ford Tool Box Puncture

They perch an empty tool box on the edge of the bed and then knock it over. It tips into the truck and lands right on its corner. The Silverado suffers a dent, but the F-150 ends up with a puncture wound. Chevy performed the test multiple times and got a puncture wound 13 out of 14 times in the Ford. The Chevy suffered dents 12 times and had pinholes twice.

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The assembled truck fans watching the test are completely sold on the benefits of using steel instead of aluminum. How could you not be sold on these tests? No one wants a wimpy truck bed, but there is more to consider, like safety.

Does the aluminum used in the F-150 mean the punctures in an accident will affect people the same way the did the bed in these test? In recent Insurance Institute for Highway Safety crash tests, the Ford F-150 was the strongest performer of the bunch.

It was the only truck to earn a Top Safety Pick designation for the year with a top score of Good in every category. The Silverado lagged behind the F-150 proving that just because it’s steel doesn’t mean it’s the better choice.

Check out the video below.

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