Chevy Bolt – Is it the Car of Our Electric Dreams?

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Electric cars are becoming old hat. They’re not the new, amazing, how’d they do that technology that they were a few years ago. This doesn’t mean they’re everywhere, but the Chevy Bolt stands a chance to become the first mainstream electric car.

The car made its debut at CES last week and again this week at the North American International Auto Show as the first affordable and practical electric vehicle and that makes it a very big deal for Chevy and the future of electric cars. Other electrics suffer from common problems that keep them out of our driveways, namely high prices and low ranges. The Bolt takes care of both those problems.

The range on the Bolt will be 200 miles on a single charge. That means it’s not a problem to take your car to work and get it back home again without having to worry about charging it during the day. Depending on where you live, charging stations can be in short supply. No one wants to have to run out and plug-in their car between meetings.

Chevy Bolt Range

Exact pricing hasn’t been announced, but Chevy promises that it will come in around $30,000 after incentives. That’s a heck of a lot less than the Tesla you’ve been eyeing. Yes, the Tesla is much more luxurious, but it’s not a lack of luxury that’s been holding back electrics. The problem is a lack of practicality.

There are all different kinds of cars to suit all different kinds of people. There are trucks for those who have stuff to haul and tow. There are SUVs and crossovers for families who have people and cargo to ferry around town. There are tiny compacts for people who need nothing more than a set of wheels to get them from point A to point B. They’re all different cars, but they all perfectly fit the needs of a specific person.

Chevy Bolt Debut

Electrics haven’t been able to effectively pull that off. They’re far pricier than their gas counterparts and the combination of a limited range and limited charging stations makes it impossible for some people to even consider an electric.

Enter the Bolt.

It’s a serious attempt to grow the electric vehicle market, which will benefit Chevy and anyone else looking to build an EV for the masses. Hitting the 200-mile range mark with a price tag of $30,000 will have the avearge Joe taking a serious look at the Bolt. Say goodbye to range anxiety. Say goodbye to high prices. Say hello to a serious player on the EV field that has set a very high bar for other automakers to try and reach.