Did You Have One of These Hondas in the ’70s? They’re Returning for 2019

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Honda is introducing two new models to the U.S. market that have a fantastic retro look and legions of prior owners who may find them to be the perfect time machine.

If you were young in the 1960s or 1970s (or both) and were into trail bikes and motorbikes you remember the Honda Z series and the later Honda CT 70 fondly. These affordable, indestructible small trail bikes were the first bike many lifelong motorcycle owners drove.

For many others with a pal who owned one, the trail 70 was the only motorcycle they ever drove. If you have driven one or owned one, it is impossible not to look back fondly on them. Now Honda is introducing a new line of updated bikes that bring that retro-cool look back.

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2019 Honda Monkey

Honda’s new Monkey is the modern interpretation of the Z series, a bike with a 58-year legacy. Honda says the new Monkey has “a likable design, tiny dimensions, and low weight.” Exactly the formula that made the original Z and CT series bikes so popular. The modern Monkey has a 125 cc four-stroke engine. All of the original design cues are here. Chubby tires, a glossy fuel tank painted the same color as the frame, swingarm, and shocks, a historical homage to the 3-D “Old Wing”-design Honda logo, chromed steel high-mount fenders, a signature stamped exhaust shield, circular mirrors, and, of course, the high-rise handlebars. The new Monkey starts at around $4K and will be offered in just two color schemes; Banana Yellow and Pearl Nebula Red. The Monkey will make its U.S. debut in October.

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Honda is also bringing to the U.S. its modern Super Cub 125 ABS. The Super Cub was introduced in 1958 and was popular in America for decades before it stopped being imported to the U.S. in 1974. Globally, the Super Cup is the highest-selling motor vehicle in the world with over 100 million units produced. The Super Cub is credited with being the inspiration of the Beach Boys Song, Little Honda. The new Super Cub honors the original’s styling with an S-letter silhouette and step-through design. It features a fuel-efficient and quiet 125cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine, fuel injection, a comfortable seat, and ABS brakes. The new Super Cub 125 ABS starts at $3,599 and will be offered in Pearl Niltava Blue. It arrives in the States this January.

2019 Honda Super Cub C125


Photo credit: Top of page 1969 CT 70 image courtesy of eBay and Youtube.

Image of the happiest kid in the world riding a CT 70 courtesy of Chris Naughton of American Honda (That’s him)