It’s Time to Order Your Ford GT

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Ford GT

Those who have been eagerly awaiting the chance to buy the new Ford GT get their chance today. The company is now taking applications for the supercar, although it will be some time before you know if you will actually get to buy one.

The Ford GT has had everyone’s knickers in a twist ever since the company first announced they were putting it into production. Details were sparse, but it was a given that it would cost a lot of money and be made in limited quantities.

Both those assumptions have proved to be true, with only 500 units being built over the next two years. They’re splitting it down the middle, with 250 units each year. Ford isn’t saying if that’s the full production run or the start of a longer run.

Pricing hasn’t been finalized, but they are saying the car will be available at a starting price in the mid-$400,000s. This means you can choose to buy a new house or the Ford GT, take your pick.

The Ford GT will come in eight exterior colors including Liquid Red, Shadow Black, and Triple Yellow. There will then be seven different stripe colors including Lightning Blue, Race Red, and Competition Orange to make your already limited car even more unique.

This will be one of the rarest Ford products ever and the company expects demand to far exceed supply. Those heading over to Ford.GT can fill out an application, but there’s no guarantee they’ll eventually be able to buy the car.

It’ll be a little like trying to get into an Ivy League school. Applications will be accepted from around the world through midnight on May 12, and then the selection process starts.

Ford is looking for people who are raving fans. This means priority will be given to those who have a history of buying Ford products or who have previously owned a Ford GT.

Most of us don’t have the cash to afford this kind of car, but there’s still an opportunity to pretend we have a chance. The configurator is live, and it lets anyone build exactly the Ford GT they would buy if they happened to be wealthy.

It will let you pick everything from the color scheme to the wheels to the interior and it doesn’t cost a dime. For the lucky few, that configurator will show something that will one day be parked in their driveways. The rest of us can only dream.