Ford Mustang Fails During Australian Highway Patrol Testing

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Ford Mustang Australian Police

Police cars these days are impressive cars. If you’re a cop in the Middle East, you might even have a supercar like a Lamborghini or a Ferrari for your daily rounds.

Police in Australia are looking at new cars for their fleet and are contemplating an exciting car, too. They’re looking at the Ford Mustang GT, but the American muscle car isn’t faring too well in testing.

The Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore are both currently used by the police. There’s nothing wrong with these cars, but they’re going out of production. This means they have to come up with something new and Ford very much wants to keep Australia’s business.

Ford offered up a new Mustang GT for testing purposes and to woo the Aussies, probably certain that their car would do fine. The car has even been done up to look like a police car, with just the lights and sirens missing for now.

According to EFTM, things didn’t go well in brake testing. The Mustang flat-out failed in its first attempt.

Ford Mustang Australian Police Rear

This isn’t a nail in the coffin for the pony car. The brake testing is just one of numerous tests the car will endure before it’s considered as a replacement for the outgoing vehicles. It was also the car’s first attempt, not its last.

The police can go back to Ford and ask for adjustments based on the how the car does in all its tests. They might still end up with a Mustang perfectly suited to their needs.

The Mustang, assuming it can be tweaked, will be used in “Operation Freeflow,” which aims to prevent traffic offenses just by being seen. You certainly won’t miss that neon yellow and orange trim sitting on the side of the road during your morning commute.

They also hope to have the car used in rapid response issues on Sydney highways to clear things up and keep traffic moving.

Ford isn’t the only one hoping to woo Australian police. Mercedes-Benz recently sent an AMG GLE four-door coupe to the force to use for the next year.

That’s a $200,000 car with a top speed of 173 mph and a 0-62 mph time of only 4.2 seconds. Really, the bad guys could be in trouble if they see this in their rear view mirrors.

It seems like whichever way the Australian police decide to go, their officers are going to be driving some pretty slick rides.