Get a Charge, Grab a Snack at Tesla Convenience Store Charging Stations

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There are lots of reasons people are reluctant to make the move to electric vehicles. On the list is the need to sit and wait while your car charges, which is often at charging stations with nothing else around. That’s boring, so Tesla charging stations may soon feature convenience stores where you can grab one of those hot dogs that’s been sitting on a roller for ten hours.

The news came at FSTEC, a technology conference focused on the food industry. Tesla’s chief technology officer, J.B. Straubel, announced they’re trying to find a way to attach convenience stores to their roadside charging stations rather than leaving customers simply sitting there until their cars are ready. There are some charging locations where there are already ample places to grab a snack, but there are also charging stations in the middle of nowhere. These are the ones that could use a little help.

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It takes only a couple of minutes to fuel up a gas car, but you still find gas stations with lots of resources. There are sit-down restaurants, to-go foods, and plenty of snacks and energy drinks to send you on your way. People who are charging their cars may be sitting there for 30 minutes, so giving them the same resources makes a lot of sense.

The idea of simply sitting at an empty charging station is a bit creepy. Add someplace where you can get something to eat and it’s a bit more normal. The more they can make the overall experience of owning an electric car the same as owning a gas car, the less reluctant people will be to give it a try.

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This doesn’t mean Tesla is getting into the food or convenience store business. You won’t be seeing McTesla’s popping up along the highway. Their plan is to work on partnerships with existing chains to implement this new strategy. Straubel went on to say that they’re already in talks with restaurants, so it’s an avenue Tesla is actively pursuing.

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There was no timeline given for when these partnerships might come to fruition, but it sounds like a solid idea. Even if you’re driving a gas car, an extra place to stop on a remote highway to take a break and grab a bite to eat is a good idea. Just stay away from those roller hot dogs. Nothing good every comes from eating one of those things.