VIDEO: Honda Dumps Rocks into the Ridgeline, Upstages Chevrolet

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Honda Ridgeline Pavers

Trucks are big money for the automakers, so they all go to great lengths to prove that their truck is the best truck. Most recently, Chevrolet took on Ford over their new aluminium truck beds. Now, Honda is stepping into the fray.

The first shot was fired when Chevrolet debuted a video showing the Silverado and F-150 enduring two tests. The first had landscaping stones dumped into the beds of the trucks from about five feet in the air. The second showed a metal toolbox being knocked into the beds so that its corner hit hard against the metal.

In both cases, the Ford F-150 did not do well. It was scratched and dented, but even worse, there were holes punched right the through the bed. The Chevrolet Silverado had some dents and dings but emerged relatively unscathed.

Ford’s aluminium truck bed walked away with a black eye while the steel truck bed on the Chevy emerged the champion. At least, that’s how it seemed until Honda decided to show off their own video with a similar test.

They took the new 2017 Honda Ridgeline and dumped a bunch of landscaping stones into its bed. What makes this video fun is that it isn’t a highly produced piece like the one Chevy made. No carefully lit warehouse. No Joe Consumer to give testimony to the results. Just a guy talking about the Ridgeline in a parking lot.

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It seems like a very spur of the moment video. Watch when they take the pavers out of the truck and you’ll see one guy in dress pants and a button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up. It looks like he was coming back from lunch and they grabbed him and convinced him to help out before he went back into the office.

The results for the Ridgeline are very different because it has a composite truck bed instead of bare metal. There are no holes. There are only a few barely noticeable scratches. The Ridgeline pretty much laughed off the whole thing.

The 2017 Ridgeline is only now trickling into dealerships after being off the market for two years so there’s no real sales data on it yet, but the numbers will likely be far less than the F-150 or the Silverado.

There’s also the matter of the truck’s size. The Ford and Chevy are full-size trucks while the Ridgeline is midsize so it makes more sense to compare it with the Tacoma or Colorado. That doesn’t change the fact that the composite bed makes a strong showing.

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Does this mean people will be swayed from the big boys to the Ridgeline? Probably not since the trucks are in two different classes. But it does give the Ridgeline some solid credibility. It may be smaller and it may not do the same sales volume, but it shouldn’t be ignored.

While it might not chip into F-150 or Silverado sales, other midsize trucks will need to step up their game. Now we wait for the next volley in the unending truck wars.

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