Hyundai Bringing 1000-HP Santa Fe to SEMA

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The Hyundai Santa Fe is a five-person crossover. It’s the kind of car families buy and is most often seen carting the kids to school or being loaded with bags at the grocery store. It’s not a powerhouse with lots of horsepower and performance chops, but this special 1040-horsepower version of the Santa Fe is best suited to the track.

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You can thank SEMA and its annual spectacle of cars gone crazy. The show has become a chance for automakers to let their inner 12-year-olds loose and build all manner of overpowered, outrageous contraption. These won’t ever be sold as much as we might want them, but their mere existence makes all our lives that much better. It shows you what could be done even if it’s not at all practical to sell these cars in the real world.

This year, Hyundai teamed up with the folks at Bisimoto to create a 1040-horsepower, rear-wheel drive “Santa Fast” for those mornings when you’re running a little late to school drop-off. All those other crossovers and minivans will pale in comparison when you skid to a stop in this thing.

Bisimoto is in the business of making race vehicles so turning the Santa Fe into a performance machine was right up their alley. If you’ve got some crazy modifications in mind for your family crossover, they’re the guys that can pull it off. Clearly, they had some fun with this one.

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It’s powered by a flex-fuel 3.8-liter V6 engine with a 6-speed manual Genesis R-spec transmission. There’s also a list of modifications longer than your arm including a Bisimoto twin-turbo kit and intercooler, Arias custom forged pistons, and a Supertech valvetrain.

There’s a 4-point chromo roll cage, Crow restraint harnesses, and Momo Daytona EVO seats to keep you firmly in place. They made it look extra special with a Denmatic design scheme, Gatorwraps auto wrap, custom grill, and mudguards. Things finish up with 19-inch Fifteen52 Tarmac R40 wheels and Buddy Club four-piston brake calipers.

If you want to see the fastest Santa Fe on the planet, then you’ll have to head to Las Vegas. The 2016 SEMA show kicks off on November 1 and will feature not just the Santa Fast, but loads of other custom one-offs from the automakers.

You can’t buy them, but it sure is fun to imagine driving a car like this around town.