Own a Lincoln, Get an On-Call Chauffeur

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Most people buy cars they intend to drive. There are some, however, who buy cars expecting to be chauffeured around in them while riding comfortable in the back seat. Lincoln wants to make that option easier for its customers with new Lincoln Chauffeur.

The service doesn’t give you the luxury of an in-house chauffeur, but it does give you access to one when the need arises. Any Lincoln owner will be able to request a chauffer to drive their personal car through an app on their phone.

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The driver will show up at your door, drive you around in your own car, and then drive the car back home. Instead of paying to park at the airport when the family heads out on vacation, Lincoln owners could use the service to drop them off and then pick them up when their vacation is over.

It could also come in handy if you have a few too many drinks and decide to do the right thing and take a cab. Lincoln Chauffeur could send a driver out to wherever you left your can and have it brought right back to your driveway.

The drivers are also able to run a few errands along the way. They can pick up groceries, dry-cleaning, or even the kids. You can also send them out to gas up your car. They’re part chauffer and part personal assistant. You can even request a specific driver if you find one you prefer.

Right now, the program is only in testing. Lincoln is running a pilot program in Miami and if it goes well, then the next city up for the service is San Diego. You don’t have to buy a brand new Lincoln or even a specific model to take advantage of the service. If you do happen to buy a new Lincoln, then you’ll get eight hours free. Otherwise, Lincoln will charge you $30 per hour to live like the other half.

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