SALES: Want to Buy a Tesla? Head to Nordstrom

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Tesla Nordstrom

Tesla has eschewed the traditional automotive sales model by refusing to have dealerships. Instead, they sell directly to customers in stores that are sometimes found in malls and sometimes found along city streets. Now you can also buy a Tesla at Nordstrom.

They will be setting up what amounts to pop-up stores within Nordstrom, starting with The Grove in Los Angeles. It’s a very upscale locale befitting a brand like Tesla and hopefully with customers who want an electric car.

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The stores will be very small. This first one will be all of 400 square feet and is set to open on June 18. Only a single vehicle, the Model X SUV, will be on display. The only problem is Tesla can’t technically sell a car at this location.

They don’t yet have a license, although the application is in the works. So, even though customers can see the car and take a test drive with on-site Tesla employees, the sale can’t actually happen in the store

Instead, customers will have to reach out to one of the usual Tesla locations or go online to place their orders. Or they could visit the nearest Tesla store, which is about 5 miles away from The Grove.

This is a pilot program set to run through the end of the year. If alll goes well, then expect to see Tesla shops popping up in some of Nordstrom’s other 121 stores located throughout the US and Canada. This isn’t the first time Tesla has taken this approach to selling its cars.

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Last year, they had a vehicle on display in London at Harrods, another upscale department store. Customers were also able to take test drives, just like they’ll be able to do at Nordstrom.

Currently, Tesla has 215 storefronts across the world. The ability to set up smaller shops in Nordstrom locations would let them increase their potential audience very quickly.

It’s not just a boon for Tesla. Nordstrom is likely hoping to catch the attention of Tesla customers. They might show up to shop for a car but walk out with a new pair of shoes.

Tesla needs to expand the number of locations where people can buy, or in this case, at least test drive their cars. Elon Musk told investors he plans to sell 500,000 vehicles by 2018 so they need a larger presence if they’re going to make that happen.

A Nordstrom/Tesla partnership looks to be a part of the solution.