INFOGRAPHIC: Are Luxury Cars a Good Investment?

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Buying a new car — any new car — in 2014 requires a significant investment. One of the burning questions at purchase time is “Do I spend more on a luxury car, and will I get more out of it when I’m done with it?” That’s the question that this infographic attempts to answer.

The biggest consideration is resale value, but as the infographic shows, only one car out of the top 10 in resale value could reasonably be considered a “luxury car”: The Chevrolet Corvette, and even that’s pushing the definition of “luxury” to its broadest.

In fact if return on investment is only measured in resale, luxury cars make no sense whatsoever. Trucks and SUVs do. The Jeep Wrangler and the Toyota FJ Cruiser, for example, perpetually fight each other for the top resale value position.

But resale is only a portion of a luxury car’s overall value. CJPonyParts, which produced the infographic, looked at six critical factors to try and determine whether luxury cars were worth the added expense.

Are Luxury Cars Worth Your Money?

Image by CJ Pony Parts



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