It’s That Time Of Year Again: Prep For Snow

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cars in snowIt’s that time of year again: the leaves have fallen, the air is growing cold, and in a little more than a month winter will be upon us. And while you may be looking forward to the upcoming holidays, your car certainly isn’t. Winter is the hardest time of year on vehicles. Freezing temperatures can disrupt and damage the internal workings of your vehicle, while the extra moisture on the road, particularly when combined with the salt and sand often used to thaw icy streets, can wear away your car’s paint and rust its aluminum body. But even worse than this wear and tear is the danger winter roads present to drivers. Ice and snow are some of the dangerous conditions to drive in, disrupting your tires’ traction and blurring your windshield with moisture.
There are, however, ways to prepare your car for these conditions, to minimize winter wear and tear and to maximize your ability to handle these conditions as a driver. The following infographic will take you through the necessary steps to make sure you’re as safe as possible on the road this winter.

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Car Storage: How to Prepare Your Car for Winter
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