James Bond Film “Spectre” Inspires A Special Aston Martin

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Ready for another dose of James Bond‘s derring-do? If you are, and you’re also buying an Aston Martin DB9, then you will likely love the DB9 GT 007 Bond Edition.

The media drip for this new Bond adventure started last year and will continue until the film’s November 6 global release. Spectre has inspired two new Aston Martins – one you can buy, and one you can’t.

The one you can’t buy is the DB10 that was designed especially for the film. This fantasy Aston is cleaner and slicker than the DB9, with a look that indicates the company’s current thinking.


Eight DB10s were made for the film – some for the close-ups, and some with roll bars for the stunts.


The Aston dukes it out with a fantasy Jaguar, the C-X75. The Jag debuted as a concept back in 2010 but was scotched because of market concerns. It lives on as a film star.


Both give each other hell on the streets of Rome.


Here’s a video with a preview of the automotive action.

While we wait for the “Sceptre” debut, Aston Martin is producing 150 DB9 GT 007 Bond Editions.


The 007 Bond Edition is essentially a DB9 GT, with its 6.0-liter V8 cranking out 540 horses for a claimed top speed of 183 mph.


This package essentially consists of bespoke badges and accessories. In addition to these sill plates, the rear seat divider has a stitched Bond Edition gun barrel. Up front, the center screen boots up with a unique 007 screen.


All 150 DB9 GT 007 Bond Editions are painted Spectre Silver.

To keep living the cinematic dream when you’re away from your ride, the 007 Bond Edition also includes this Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m James Bond Limited Edition watch.


The DB9 GT 007 Bond Edition is the McDonald’s Happy Meal film tie-in for the well-heeled. It’s for those who are swept up in the magic of Bond – the style, sophistication and general badass-ness – and while it may be dismissed as silly to some, we say there’s nothing wrong with living your dream, even if you don’t have Daniel Craig’s abs.


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