VIDEO: Japan Has a Gundam Toyota Auris and They’re Selling it With Anime

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Gundam Toyota

Car ads are a lot alike. There are beauty shots of the car with the sun glinting off perfectly polished metal or maybe raindrops artfully sliding over that surface to the ground. People are happy and smiling, or possibly doing their best sexy, rich guy impression depending on the car. This all comes with a soundtrack and a voice-over telling you why you must buy said car right now. In Japan, they try to sell you a car with anime.

There’s a lot of crazy in Japan and it’s a crazy we love. They have wackadoodle food and festivals galore and a car culture that includes Bosozoku. These are cars and motorcycles that are completely ridiculous and impractical but demand your attention. Kind of like train wrecks, you can’t look away. So, in its own special Japanese way, it makes sense that there is a Gundam version of the Toyota Auris and a commercial to match.

The Zeonic Toyota has been very popular in Japan and that’s the only place you can get one. If you live in the U.S. and you love Gundam, tough luck. You can at least still watch the commercial and pine away over what you could have had were you born in the right country.

The car really does look like something that could be a part of the Gundam world. It’s based on the character Char Aznable and was first introduced as a concept back in 2012 before becoming a production model the following year.

Exterior accents include stenciled lettering and the Zeon insignia along with special side skirts and Zeon wheels. The inside gets some attention, too, with Zeonic-Toyota racing seats. If the Char Red isn’t to your liking, then you can also opt for the Zaku Green. It’s a Gundam fanboy’s dream come true.

Check out the videos below to see the real car and the new anime spot created to promote the vehicle. Sadly, the gold and red uniform with that snazzy black cape is not available with the car. That’s a real marketing mistake on Toyota’s part because people would pay good money for that look.

Source: Jalopnik