Jeep’s Hot-Selling Gladiator Pickup Gets A Trim Perfectly Tailored To Winter Weather Driving

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Jeep is working overtime in Toledo to build Gladiator pickups but took time to add a North Edition trim to the lineup.

According to Jeep, New England and the Northeast are the best markets in the United States for sales of the brand. Anyone who drives in New England will believe this. You can’t swing a rusty shovel without hitting a Jeep in this region. One reason drivers in this wintery area love Jeeps is their rugged winter weather capability. With ample ground clearance, all-weather and all-road capability, every Jeep model from the Renegade to the Grand Cherokee -in virtually every trim – is a good choice for wicked winter weather. However, good isn’t Jeep’s goal. They want to offer drivers who endure tough winters the single best vehicle possible in a variety of vehicle segments. For this reason, the company has added a North Edition trim to every model. We had a chance to do a deep dive on the new Gladiator pickup in the North Edition at the Boston Auto show, now one of the very first shows of the season since Detroit’s show has been moved to balmy summer.

Jeep Gladiator At The Boston Auto Show

Around the auto show, we had a chance to see such marvels as the new Corvette (on summer-only tires), McLaren’s lineup, and Aston Martin supercars. Even Fiat Chrysler America’s (FCA’s) Dodge brand had a 797 hp Redeye Challenger for show attendees to touch feel and sit inside of. What differentiated the FCA brand’s show vehicle lineup were the many winter-ready models on display. Dodge, for example, showed off its Challenger GT in AWD with all-season rubber. Fiat had an AWD 500X at the center of its display. With no disrespect to the many great brands who worked hard on their displays, it seemed like only FCA noted the 50 MPH winds, intermittent snow showers and the forecast of a winter whopper headed to Boston just in time for the weekend.

Jeep Gladiator North Edition

The new Gladiator isn’t just a Boston-area favorite. It was recently named the North American Pickup of the Year, an award whose jury is made up of about 50 independent journalists. We can’t argue against that pick. The Gladiator is winning over Jeep Wrangler loyalists and also bringing in new customers who need a pickup. Upon its center podium at the Boston show, Jeep opted to perch the new North Edition of the Gladiator.

We cornered Jeep Gladiator Brand Manager Brandon Girmus and asked him to tell us what makes the Gladiator North Edition special. Brandon told BestRide, “The North Edition starts as a very capable four-wheel drive Gladiator Overland trim. To that, we add all-terrain tires with an eye towards snow capability, heated seats and steering wheel, and power-heated mirrors.” As Brandon started his pitch, we were thinking, “pretty typical.” However, the list doesn’t stop with the typical.  Brandon added, “The North Edition also has all-weather floor mats, remote start, tow hooks, and a North Edition trail kit.” The kit includes gloves, a tow strap, D-rings, a steel carabiner, and a safety kit. This is the first time we’ve ever seen a “winter trim” vehicle have a complete towing setup designed to pull lesser vehicles out of snowbanks in a blizzard.

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Jeep Gladiator Plowing

During our time discussing the Jeep Gladiator North Edition one obvious topic came up. We asked if the Gladiator pickup can plow. This may seem like a dumb question, but we asked another Michigan-based automaker if its new midsize pickup is plow-ready and the answer we got was “no.” Brandon laughed when we asked. It turns out that the head of the Jeep Brand, FCA – North America, Jim Morrison, is breaking in a plow-equipped Gladiator Rubicon this very week and is reportedly becoming very popular in his Michigan neighborhood as he clears driveway after driveway.

The Jeep Gladiator North Edition is on display this week through January 20th in Boston at the New England International Auto Show. It is also available in all states and is presently in production for dealer delivery.