Jeremy Clarkson Is Coming Back to Your Television

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The fracas heard around the world ended with Jeremy Clarkson being let go, fired, canned, axed, summarily dismissed from the hit BBC show Top Gear. It was news that fans didn’t want to hear and once the tears were dried, everyone wondered what he would do next. Looks like we might have the answer to that question when Clarkson returns to television on April 24th.

He may have been fired from Top Gear, but that doesn’t mean he can’t appear on other BBC programs. A BBC spokesperson said, “Jeremy’s contract has not been renewed with Top Gear, but he isn’t banned from appearing on the BBC,” which looks to be the channel’s way of still giving him a chance to return to the airwaves.

That return will come on April 24th when Clarkson appears as a guest host on Have I Got News For You. The program has nothing to do with cars, which could be good or bad depending on your point of view. It’s a satirical news quiz show that Clarkson has hosted before, so it’s a gig he’s done well enough for a return visit.

It might not let him talk about cars, but it most certainly will let him have some fun busting on whoever or whatever is in the news that week. Will he talk about what happened with Top Gear? This is Jeremy Clarkson so even he doesn’t outright talk about what happened it’d be hard to imagine him not making a subtle comment or two about the whole situation.

As for what will happen to Top Gear, that’s as much a mystery as what Clarkson will eventually do beyond one-time stints as a guest host on other shows. The BBC says the show will go on without Clarkson, but no one is sure if James May and Richard Hammond will stay on without their partner in automotive crime.

The show is (was?) huge for the BBC drawing in 350 million viewers worldwide with overseas sales worth nearly $75 million a year. If Hammond and May move on, the BBC could continue with new presenters, but that might not work. Those who followed the show were fans largely because of the three hosts and there’s a good chance it will loose its magic with a new trio.

One thing is certain. The April 24th episode of Have I Got News For You is going to have exceptional ratings as everyone tunes in to see just what Clarkson will say.