Jeremy Clarkson Talks Leaving ‘Top Gear’

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Jeremy Clarkson has finally talked about leaving Top Gear. Until now, he hasn’t said anything about his departure from the program after his fracas with BBC producer Oisin Tymon on March 4th. He even cancelled a scheduled appearance on Have I Got News For You back on April 24th, avoiding talking anything Top Gear. But now, he’s back.

His first appearance came by way of a radio interview with BBC radio’s Chris Evans on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show. Evans has been one of the rumored replacements for Clarkson when Top Gear returns to the air with a new trio of presenters. He has, of course denied the rumors, but there’s been nothing official from the BBC. Clarkson’s appearance was to help launch the Ten Go Mad in Monaco charity race. He said during the interview,

“I was at the BBC for 27 years and I did the current incarnation of ‘Top Gear’ for 12, and it was very much my baby. I absolutely adored it and I worked all the time on it, all through the night, and I paid attention to every little tiny bit of it. And then suddenly you’re not asked to do that anymore and you do feel as though there’s a big hole that does need to be filled.”

Clarkson may not be returning to Top Gear, but a return to the BBC on another program has never been ruled out. The question is whether or not he even wants to return to the channel or if he has better opportunities elsewhere.

He joked about being very busy working on his tennis game and about a possible show with Hammond and May based on the drama of flower arranging. Clarkson denied meeting with anyone and insisted that he’s only listening to people’s ideas, but not planning a single thing at this point.

In the meantime, Clarkson, Hammond, and May have just launched a 6-month tour that was originally a Top Gear production, but has since been stripped of the Top Gear name. They launched the tour in Belfast and are then jetting off across the globe in what Clarkson called, “the most badly organized world tour in history,” due to its very random locations that have them going back and forth all over the map.

The first show was exactly what you’d expect from the trio, with Clarkson entering in grand style. He road a hovercraft to the strains of Eye of the Tiger,the theme song to the 1982 movie Rocky III. The tour will be heading to South Africa, Norway, Australia and even Poland, but there are no plans for the not-Top Gear crew to make it to the US.