John DeLorean’s DeLorean is Going Up For Auction

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John DeLorean's DeLorean

The DeLorean might not have been around for long, but thanks to the Back to the Future movie franchise it’s a car almost everyone can easily identify. Some of the cars used in the films have been refurbished, fans have created all sorts of crazy mods, and now they can even own the car that belonged to the one and only John DeLorean.

John DeLorean left General Motors back in 1973 to form the DeLorean Motor Company and produce his own personal vision for cars. The DMC-12 was designed to be a safe, ethical, and ecologically responsible vehicle and it was intended to be the first in a whole line of DeLorean vehicles. It turned out to be the only model they ever produced.

It was built for the US from 1981 until 1983 in Dunmurry, Northern Ireland with roughly 9,200 rolling off the assembly line. The car drew lots of attention for its gull-wing doors, fiberglass chassis and underbody, and immediately recognizable stainless steel body. It was so popular that there were nearly 20,000 orders for the car before production even started.

DeLorean Doors

Despite what would seem like a great start, the company ran into trouble when the car’s heavy weight and less powerful engine couldn’t keep up with competitors like the Corvette and Porsche 911. This combined with a slump in the US car market to put the company out of business in 1982.

The DMC-12 being auctioned once belonged to John DeLorean and is going up for sale through Auctionata. He gave the car to his wife, model Cristina Ferrare, as a birthday gift and it remained in their possession until 1985 when the pair divorced. At that time it was sold to a new owner and in the 33 years since has only collected just 13,540 miles on the odometer.

Interior DeLorean

Starting price when it goes up for auction on June 26th is €34,000 or about $38,000 but the experts at Auctionata estimate that it will sell for between $79,000 and $112,000. The original papers proving this once belonged to John DeLorean and all the maintenance records are available as proof of its provenance.

Although this one does not, as far as we know, travel through time or fly, it would still be quite the collector’s item. You can probably scrounge up a Mr. Fusion somewhere at a yard sale and you’ll soon be traveling through time just like Marty and Doc Brown.