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Just How Many Toyotas Are Actually Beige?

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beige toyota


Call it Desert Sand Mica, Special Forces Taupe, or  Champagne Sunrise Orgasm, it doesn’t change the fact that it seems like every Toyota you see is beige, even though Toyota says the numbers are much lower.

In 1985, the auto-gods smiled upon me.  I was to attend UMass in the fall, and my 1969 Plymouth Fury III was about to disintegrate.   Back then college housing was scarce, so the plan was I would commute.  My aunt found out a neighbor-friend had lost his license due to habitual drunk driving and was selling a 1979 Toyota Celica Supra for two grand, about half its value.  I jumped for joy.  I would soon be cruising in a SUPRA courtesy of mom and dad.

As it turned out, a BEIGE Supra.  Huh?

beige toyotas

The color didn’t diminish my love for that car.  Apparently, beige doesn’t turn off anyone else either.  Beige Toyotas are everywhere you look.  This past week I was having some tire work done, and I went across the street for coffee.  The parking lot had three beige Toyotas in a row in front of me.

beoge Toyotas

These were not Land Cruisers or FJ’s either.  Faux-desert warfare vehicles look great in beige and it makes sense.  All the better to avoid being strafed by a drone.  But what is this quarter-century obsession with beige, Toyota?

We asked for help finding beige photos of Toyotas on a popular Toyota Facebook club.  Expecting to be ridiculed and made sport of, we were surprised that instead folks just started putting up photos of cars they were proud of.  Like the beige 1977 Toyota FJ image James Murray sent in.  On James’ FJ beige looks great, but a Supra?

We reached out to Toyota and asked about beige.  Toyota says that only seven percent of its vehicles are beige.  That seems low.  It turns out that the average age of a Toyota buyer who chooses beige is 65.  Maybe due to that, or maybe not, Toyota says the color is fading in popularity.

beige toyotas

Beige is the color of mud.  Perhaps that’s the clue.  Maybe this is a secret way to make dirty cars look cleaner?  When Toyota launched its all-new-except-the-door-handles 2016 Toyota Tacoma,  it chose – Beige – as the color of the truck at the reveal.  Admit it.  It looks great.

If you bought a beige Toyota, please tell us below what made you pick that color.  We’re all friends here.

beige toyotas