Killer cars in scary movies: Happy Halloween

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58-plymouth-furyWhat’s scarier? Something lurking down a dark hallway or a killer car fueled with road rage heading straight for you?

In honor of Halloween, here are a few of the best car-related scary movies. Sometimes the car is the character, sometimes it’s just there to add character. Check these out after trick or treating tonight.

1958 Plymouth Fury from “Christine” (1983). In this movie, the car is the star with a bad attitude out to steal the soul of nerdy Arnie Cunningham.

The movie, based on horror master Stephen King’s book of the same name and directed by John Carpenter, is filled with decent scares as Christine the car grants Cunningham newfound coolness as he restores the rusted-out Plymouth, which villainously runs down anyone in its way.

1971 Lincoln Continental Mark III from “The Car.” With a tagline of “What evil drives The Car,” this 1977 thriller stars James Brolin who takes a possessed car on a murderous rampage mowing down the citizens of a small town. While it looks more like a Bentley, The Car was a customized Lincoln Mark III made by George Barris, who gave the world The Munsters’ Koach and the original Batmobile.

1970 Chevy Nova and 1969 Dodge Charger from “Death Proof.” In this 2007 slasher thriller by Quentin Tarantino, serial-killer stuntman Mike (Kurt Russell) has two death-proof cars, first the Nova and later the Charger when he comes back to kill. The movie is filled with classic car references including the 1970 Dodge Challenger, featured in the film “Vanishing Point.”

1955 Peterbilt from “The Duel.” Steven Spielberg directed this 1971 flick that featured a mysterious, driverless tanker truck that stalks terrified businessman David Mann (Dennis Weaver) down a lonely stretch of highway.

1941 Chevrolet COE from “Jeepers Creepers.” Road-tripping siblings (Gina Phillips and Justin Long) are just trying to make their way through the Florida countryside in this 2001 horror film by Victor Salva. Baring down on the duo from behind may just be the Devil himself in the form of a horn-blaring, possessed cab-over-engine Chevy.