4 New Hampshire Items Kyle Busch’s Wife Might Like Better Than Lobster

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Kyle Busch took the checkered flag at the 5-Hour Energy 301 at New Hampshire International Speedway on Saturday, and his trophy was a giant New Hampshire lobster. Apparently, his wife Samantha is more into tofu.

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The New England seacoast is known for its lobster, and Busch’s prize was a whopper. We’ve eaten a lot of lobsters in our day — including two at last week’s New England Motor Press Association Ragtop Ramble and Crustacean Crawl from Boston to Kennebunkport, Maine — so we’re taking a guess that this one rings in somewhere around 14 pounds.

That race-winning prize is unique to NHIS, the northernmost NASCAR Nextel Cup facility. Judging by the look on Samantha Busch’s face, perhaps NHIS should consider one of New Hampshire’s other famous products as a prize instead. It’s totally cool, New Hampshire has plenty of alternatives:

Rochester Shoe Tree

Rochester-Cedar-Shoe-TreesAshland, New Hampshire’s most famous company made cedar shoe trees for your grandpa, who is ironically still their biggest customer.

Stonyfield Yogurt

stonyfield+farm+couponTaking a good look at Samantha Busch suggests she’s less into hot buttered lobster rolls and more into the juice of half a lemon and a celery stick.

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New Hampshire’s Stonyfield Yogurt has you covered. The 8-oz. size would probably be good for a week.


Kyle Busch - FireworksFamously libertarian New Hampshire is the only place in New England to buy fireworks legally, so maybe Samantha would’ve been happier with Kyle holding a handful of Bunker Busters. NH Motto: Life Free Or Die of a Bottle Rocket to the Eye.

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Cheap Booze

Kyle Busch - BoozeNew Hampshire is also known for getting more people hammered cheaper than any other state in New England, thanks to its absence of a sales tax, and its lack of a bottle return law. Perhaps a gigantic jug of Popov Vodka in a plastic bottle would better represent the state, especially Hampton Beach.



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