Land Rover Stroller is All Yours for $2,000

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Land Rover is a luxury brand for those who can afford to spend a bit more on a vehicle than the average Joe. They’re beautiful, powerful, and very capable vehicles, but you’re not going to get one at a bargain price. If you’re buying one, then you’re someone with deep pockets who can likely afford matching accessories like a $2,000 baby stroller for your kid.

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Most new parents are on a tight budget struggling to get the multitude of things you need when you’re about to have a kid. When a new baby is on the way, it’s not the time to buy frivolous stuff. But, maybe if you’re buying a Land Rover in the first place, then there’s no better time to go a little crazy than when your bundle of joy is on the way.

It is for these people that Land Rover announced a partnership with iCandy World to design the iCandy Peach All-Terrain Special Edition stroller. Yes, you can now buy a Land Rover and a matching stroller for the kiddo. It’s not just a bit of branding with a Land Rover logo slapped on the side, either. According to Land Rover,

Created by true craftsmen, the iCandy for Land Rover Peach All-Terrain incorporates Land Rover design cues as well as go-anywhere ability. The iconic Land Rover grille pattern features in the hood fabric, creating an eye-catching style statement, while fine seat stitching reflects that found in Land Rover models. A one-of-a-kind ruck sack slides gracefully into the generous pushchair basket, offering extra practicality for adventurous parents.

The two companies chose the Frankfurt Motor Show for the debut of this fancy stroller. That’s a first for Frankfurt and we can’t imagine it will kick off a trend, but who knows? The idea of creating branded items for enthusiasts is nothing new and it’s not the exclusive territory of luxury brands. You can get branded products for everything from Ford to Lamborghini.

You don’t technically need to buy a Land Rover in order to buy the Land Rover stroller. You’re free to buy one and stick it in the back of your affordable family crossover, but be ready for disapproving looks from the more well-heeled whose cars, bags, cell phone cases, shoes, and just about everything else match their vehicles perfectly.

Looking for a new or used Land Rover? Check out BestRide’s listings search here.