Lexus UX Gets Tires Inspired by Nike Air Force 1 Sneakers

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The Lexus UX is an all-new crossover that joined the Lexus lineup for 2019. It’s a luxury compact crossover that targets those in urban areas and serves as an entry-level choice for those who want a Lexus, but have a modest budget. At New York Fashion Week, Lexus served up a unique version of the UX with tires inspired by Nike Air Force 1 sneakers.

The concept comes from designer John Elliott and was revealed at his after-party on February 9 in New York City. The UX is all-white and has custom badging by the rear tires that reads “John Elliott.”

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It’s the tires themselves that are the standout of the design. They aren’t just whitewall tires, but entirely white. They’d stay that way for exactly zero seconds were someone to try and drive this car on the streets of New York.

The bright white color is what you notice first, but a closer look shows the design also includes a unique texture. There are layers of white on white, faux white pebbled leather, and embossed details along with the Nike Swoosh all incorporated into the design.

“We were excited to merge the streetwear narrative and design cues of our Air Force 1 with a brand like Lexus. We’re thankful they’ve allowed us to use this moment to celebrate the arts and to bring extra energy to our take on a classic,” said John Elliott. “It’s fun to partner with brands that typically live outside the fashion community because it allows us to evolve and continue to push our own boundaries.”

In addition to the tires on the UX, there were also unique versions of John Elliott and Nike AF1 sneakers from a variety of artists. These were all auctioned off with proceeds going to the Inner-City Arts, which benefits LA’s underserved youth.

Although you can’t purchase this special “Sole of UX” that was shown during fashion week, you may get a chance to see it in person. It will be making appearances across the country throughout the end of the year.