Mazda6 recall: Side doors could open during driving

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trafficThe Mazda Motor Corp. is recalling 161,400 Madza6 sedans because of a door latch screw that could become loose and cause the side doors to slide open while the car is in motion.

Madza6 sedans from model years 2009 through 2013 are affected, according to a story in Automotive News.

The National Traffic Highways Safety Administration began a preliminary investigation into the defective latches in May after receiving consumer complaints about the problem.

The side doors have three mounting screws, and if all became too loose, the door latch wouldn’t engage and the door could open, according to NHTSA. There is a door ajar warning light, but if is overlooked, the door could open while the car is in motion, increasing the risk of accident or injury.

To correct the defect, Mazda will apply a thread-locking adhesive to the screws and re-tighten them free of charge, according to NHTSA. The recall should begin by Oct. 18.