Miami Vice 1986 Testarossa Comes to Auction

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miami vice testarossaTesta rossa means red head in Italian, but to any fan of the show, this white Testarossa means Miami Vice.If you have ever fantasized about zipping around Miami chasing drug dealers in a white Ferrari whilst wearing a linen sport coat and open shirt, your time has come.  This is the actual car from the series.  It appeared in the third season and was originally black metallic.  The show’s producer had it painted white so that it would show up better in night scenes according to Mecum’s bio on the car.  This Ferrari Testarossa has the original flat-12 engine that at the time of production produced 390 hp.  Good for a mid-5-second 0-60 MPH run.  Not bad for a mid-’80s supercar.  The car has a manual 5-speed transmission.

This car is special in a few ways.  First is the obvious fan appeal.  Next, the miles are relatively low at 16,124.  Those miles are authenticated by two organizations, one being Ferrari North America.  Finally, the car was stored for fifteen years from 1990 until 2015.  That means it may be in excellent condition body-wise.  The engine was recently removed and completely serviced by Shelton Ferrari near Miami.

miami vice 2

The second image highlights the cool single flying mirror, a rare option.  Buy this car and all you need is a Scarab speedboat to complete the fantasy.  The car will be auctioned in Monterey August 13-15.  The above Mecum link has more details.